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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  April 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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last chance to choose! this incredible deal ends may 5th. so don't wait. call 1.866.680.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.866.680.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a major break in the phylicia barnes murder case. police make an arrest and the suspect has tied to a family member of the victim. good afternoon, everyone. last night, baltimore city police arrested michael johnson, the ex-boyfriends of barnes' sister. david collins is with us live with the latest. >> five cars carrying members of the city police apprehension
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task force descended on michael johnson's home last night. according to his lawyer, police searched the home without a warrant and the rest of him outside of his home. please confirm michael johnson is wanted in the death of phylicia barnes from 2010, and will release more details shortly. the case drew national attention. the otters do it was last seen alive by johnson in 2008. -- 2010. in a strange twist of fate, earlier this week, the lead investigator in the case was suspended. he is accused of improperly using his position to investigate his own daughter's disappearance. she was later found unharmed. the case has also is by legislation in annapolis, designed to improve coordination between volunteers and organizers. >> her father says it is great
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news and it has been a long time coming. city police will have a press conference regarding this. >> that press conference is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. we will be streaming in on our website, a surprise turn in a case of two individuals accused of beating an individual. the victim did not testify and even asked the judge to drop the charges against eli and avi werdesheim. we have a crew following the trial and will bring you the latest tonight. baltimore city police are looking for information about a late-night shooting in west baltimore. happened just before 11:00 on harlem avenue. an unidentified man was shot and was taken to the hospital where he later died. baltimore county police are
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looking for two men that walk into a barbershop and shot an employee. we are told two men, we are told between 18 and 25 years old, walked into the shop and shot and killed an employee. >> so far today, a little on the dismal side. not too many of these, and we really need the rain, so it is not all bad news. tomorrow we will bounce back. the more significant rain in the south, the everyone in the baltimore metro area got what you see. a bit of a storm complex in virginia, west jenna on the left side of the screen. a lot of that will pass to our south. these storms generally move from
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east to west. we will be on the northeast edge of all this activity. we will talk more about today's forecast and maybe some son returning. >> you can call that a backup plan of sorts. baltimore officials say they are ready if the doomsday budget and all of its cuts go into effect. 92 position would be eliminated from the police department. the city director said he is confident that they will be able to repair the budget, but a backup plan is in place. >> we certainly cannot fund everything we did when we had saa surplus. instead of stating the obvious that we would like to have more money for recreation or other things, we have to figure out how to get their. >> the eliminations would include prosecutor positions. anne arundel county schools claim john leopold shortchanged
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the district by $12 million and the state board of education agrees. the county failed to abide by the maintenance of effort law, coming up short. school officials say they never received the money and the matter now lies in the hands of the county council. >> we think, in 13, if the council does not do the right thing, and corrects this, we believe the comptroller will return the money to anne arundel county public schools anyway. >> leopold says he is not surprised by the decision and maintains the school system has failed to set the right priorities. high gas prices have not persuaded the federal reserve to think the economy will slow down this year. tracy potts explains why
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analysts believe the economy could improve, and what could happen this week to keep student rates low. >> the federal reserve has boosted its talent for the economy, predicting growth of words of 2.9%, and an unemployment rate as low as 7.8. >> it is premature to declare victory. keeping interest rates low is appropriate for our economy. >> warm weather boosted construction, but demand is still a challenge. high gas prices also remained a problem. congress holds a hearing on that today as exxonmobil reports earnings and its biggest boost in quarterly dividends ever. the treasury secretary said things look good. >> we are in much stronger shape than we were just 18 months ago. >> congress is set to vote on preventing student loans from doubling july 1. >> stopping this from happening should be a no-berlinger.
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>> let's fix the problem for young americans and leave the campaign theatrics for the fall. >> but they disagreed on how to do it. the republican bill is up for a vote tomorrow and would cut the president's health care program to help pay for those student loan rates below. >> still ahead, we speak to deborah norville of "inside edition." and very good news for fruit lovers. how eating a lot of berries can keep your brain running sharp. and dr. kim hammonds is here to answer your pet questions.
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>> and berries might help boost brain function. researchers in boston analyze data from a nurses' health study tracing food consumption among thousands of women since the mid-1970s's. those who regularly ate a diet rich in blueberries and strawberries delayed their cognitive aging. although the results could be influenced by other factors, dietitians say and the oxygen- rich areas remain one of the best foods in nature. a health-related reason to eat
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large quantities of guacamole. with the assistance of the avocado board, researchers are learning more about the health benefits of avocados. there is preliminary evidence that group made a heart health and play a role in type 2 diabetes and weight management. avocados may also help the body absorb nutrients. still to come, we talk live to the anchor of "inside edition," deborah norville, about some exclusive as they have coming up. >> clouds and chilly temperatures. then again, there is the weekend. right now, the rain is affecting ocean city. only 55 degrees on the boardwalk. you do not see too many people walking around right now. 58 at bwi. >> you may have heard our live against standing by.
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dr. kim hammonds kobe here to answer your pet questions.
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>> this all day, clouds, and periods of rain. rain activity stopping a couple of hours ago. most of it was south of us. you can see, way down in southeast virginia, the sun is shining. not the case from ocean city. there is some son to the south,
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some good thunderstorms moving to north carolina right now. they have some pretty good storms appear that started in kentucky earlier this morning. this activity will slip to our south and that is where most of the ring will be today. farther north where we are, showers periodically, and that is it throughout the day. and we need the rain, so it is not all bad. precipitation so far this month just over an inch short of where we are normally. we will make some of that up today, but we are not going to get an inch of rain a couple of school days. above normal readings. temperatures have moderated to an extent. the warm air as having a tough time getting up here. temperatures around 60 degrees but there is a definite chill in
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the air. the actual cool front with the warmer air is pretty far south right now. the chilly air, because of the clouds and rain, pretty well stocked in our area. you can see what the sun is doing in virginia beach. 72 degrees right now. there is the satellite image showing a pretty good cloud deck over us. we could have some strong storms this afternoon. the warm front to the south. that is expected to try to come north today, although we will never really get into what you would consider the warm air. once the system passes through, we will dry out. then the next system comes in from the west. showers today, mostly cloudy skies. somebody may hear a rumble of the thunder. the variable wind at 10, 15 miles per hour.
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small craft by a series tonight. futurecast showing the next area of rain coming through, scattered showers around here. can we drive out on friday. saturday or so we may see more rain. more significant rain to the south today with all this active weather. heavier thunderstorms activity will be some of us as well. 63 today. rain chances saturday and ending sunday. a chilly weekend with highs in the 50's. 60's next week. >> "inside edition" continues to be a popular show, and joining us right now is the show's host deborah norville. great to have you as always. >> how are you, thank you. >> you are airing a story tonight about a dentist that outraged parents with his extreme techniques? what happened?
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>> let me show you. this is footage -- not the dentist in question -- but this is a piece of equipment. they are demonstrating how this would be used. some parents are so upset with this, they have even started a facebook page against it. they say it is strapping their kids down, -- it is not illegal, than by the american dental association -- but you can imagine why a child would be afraid of getting strapped down like that. we should say, the dentist has no black marks on his record, but it opens up the discussion that parents ought to have, which is are you comfortable with how your child is being treated? do you want to be in the room when your kid is getting his teeth cleaned? my dentist never had a problem with me being there.
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it is a good jumping off point for that discussion if you have not had it. >> i do not think my kids would ever go to the dentist after that. >> i am sure they would not. you see less and less of this. she had a dentist that made her get in one of those things -- she is 40 years old now -- and she says she is still terrified every time she goes to the dentist because of this. you have seen these traveling parks and popping up everywhere, and this one is in illinois. tons of fun, on the summit gets hurt. one month ago, one guy broke his neck in phoenix. a couple of weeks ago, a relief pitcher for the yankees dislocated his ankle, so he is out for the season. they can be saved, but we found a park where the little kids were on the same ones as the big people.
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staff was not as attentive as they should have been. we took some footage and showed it to the owner who said, thank you, this is so good, i want a copy of this footage so that i can tell people what not to do. >> thank you so much, deborah. "inside edition" airs at 7:00. another check on the list -- on the saudi forecast with john. first, a look
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>> a polar bear, has a new lease on life after being rescued from the arctic circle. researchers found it alone with no mother in sight. the ecologists took it to their base camp and used a snowmobile to transport it to an airplane and then to its new home in eastern russia, 280 miles south of where he was found. did you hear him? rex is here along with dr. kim hammonds. >> he likes my watch. this is a visa. a beautiful dog. -- viszla.
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>> how about some questions? >> those are two different questions. lacking paws and the dry, chapped nose. the nose will not be controlled by gasoline. they live there knows all the time. there are some conditions that cause that dryness. the lifting of the paws is interesting, too. it happens because of the allergies. the bottom line is, see your veterinarian. there is probably a treatment for both of them.
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>> among other things, it is because people are too lazy to train their dogs. some dogs need help, but not many. most of the time, if you find a good trainer, you can train your dog well. >> one more question. i am seein >> you need some help? >> i am a big fan of one drug called certaffect. i am not sure how good on-line companies are. the way they procure their medicine is not always the best
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way. >> ok, we are out of time. rex, you are adorable. coming up tonight, new details in the phylicia barnes case. a surprising twist in the trial of two brothers accused of beating an african-american teen while on neighborhood watch. and sports, crops, animals, whatever your kids like. there is a camp for that for your kid. now, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> brian johnson. time for the midday pick 3 numbers. 4. 4. final number, 5.
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pick 3, 4, 4, 5. this is my uncle bob. pick 4. 9. 7. 2. a final number, 9. winning pick 4, 9, 7, 2, 9. one last check on the forecast. >> reign, chilly, which it rests on back over the weekend. by sunday, we will get the sun back again. >> thank you. we appreciate it. thanks for joining us.
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